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New QCell HyBrid G1-7.6kW 12.6kWH Battery Package

$14,550.00 $18,650.00

New QCell Hybrid G1-7.6 Package, Ready to be shipped out to you.

 1. 7.6kW Inverter, handles up to 13kWH of Solar Panels

 2. ***** (2) Battery Banks = 12.6 kWh Total *****

 3. Auto-Transformer

 4. Monitoring system for laptop and smart phone

 5. Manufacture Warranty 15yrs, plus 5yrs SGA = 20 yrs

 Cost: $14,550 includes shipping (in USA only)

 A $4,100 saving. Act NOW.

 Contact Ron Jackson 229-444-5834

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